One New Bulk Plant = One Happy Customer!


  • New set of concrete piers
  • New 18,000 gallon storage tank
  • Indicating dial thermometer
  • 0-300 pai gauge
  • Magnitel
  • Liquid and vapor shut-off valves and nitrogen-activated internal valves
  • Two Fisher relief valves with 7’ risers and weather caps
  • Corken Z3500 pump with one 10 HP motor and a by-pass line back to the tank
  • One transport unload/bobtail load stanchion
  • One 3 x 2 LC MA-15 meter
  • An emergency shut-down system with nitrogen-activated pneumatic releases and two shut-offs
  • All of the necessary piping for both liquid and vapor lines
  • The entire installation was painted and color-coded