This one goes in the record books! The logistics were not easy to say the least, however, Crown Energy Solutions rose to the challenge!

First we provided two new 30,000 gallon tanks and transported them to their site in Nantucket via ferry boat and truck. A crane services was also provided to unload the tanks from the trucks and load them onto the newly constructed concrete pads below ground.

One 3” Corken Z3500 pump with one 10 HP motor and by-pass line back to the tanks were provided and installed. The existing transport unload stanchion was manifolded to the tanks. There was an existing bobtail stanchion, which was relocated and reused. One additional bobtail load stanchion was fabricated in accordance with the latest edition of NFPA Pamphlet 58 specifications for vapor return and fill lines. All the necessary piping for both liquid and vapor lines was installed.

To assure corrosion protection due to the location of the site, the propane storage tanks were coated and had insulated unions and 12, 17# anode bags installed on each tank.